Below, you will find a list of books for teachers of English (EFL) with a number of pronunciation-oriented activities and books about teaching pronunciation.

Books with activities

The PronPack book series by Mark Hancock with tons of photocopiables. Please note that some of the resources (audio and photocopiables) are available for free on this website.

Oral Communication for Non-Native Speakers of English by Timothy Kochem, Monica Ghosh, Lily Compton, and Elena Cotos (publ. 2020, CC licence)

Pronunciation Games (published 1995) by Mark Hancock

Pronunciation Practice Activities by Martin Hewings

Pronunciation Tasks – Teacher’s book by Martin Hewings

Primary Pronunciation Box by Caroline Nixon & Michael Tomlinson

Books about teaching pronunciation

Beyond Repeat After Me: Teaching Pronunciation to English Leaners by Marla Tritch Yoshida

Teaching Pronunciation by Marianne Celce-Murcia et al.

How To Teach Pronunciation by Gerard Kelly

How To Write Pronunciation Activities by Laura Patsko and Katy Simpson

English Pronunciation Teaching and Research by Martha C. Pennington and Pamela Rogerson-Revell

English Pronunciation in L2 Instruction: The Case of Secondary School Learners by Anna Jarosz

More books to appear soon. /BW